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Kathy regularly uploads golf videos to her YouTube channel, below are some of the popular videos.  

Golf Buddy Voice X

If you have lost your range finder before, consider getting this talking golf GPS.  

It will also give you yardages to hazards!  Check out this video for more information.

Mastering the 30 yard shot

In this video Kathy takes you through several times you may have a 30 yard shot and how to play them.

Scenerio #1.  Ball short of green to center flag. Scenerio #2:  Ball short of green to a front flag. Scenerio #3:  30 yard Lay Up Shot. 

Scenerio #4:  Bunker between ball and hole. 

Scenerio #5:  Ball in rough to a back flag.

Scenerio #6:  Ball short of green to a back flag.

Scenerio #7:  Ball under low hanging limbs.

Stop Chunking the Ball over Water

When you have a wedge shot over water, use these simple tips to land safely on the green.  

*  Put the ball in the center of your stance  

*  At address put 60% of your weight on your forward foot  

*  Keep your head centered over the ball  

*  Minimize your weight shift and down and through the ball 

fix topping the golf ball

 What to practice:  

*  Practice bouncing the club on the ground to get used to the feel of reaching the ground 

*  Keep your head centered and bounce the club back and through  

*  Pretend that pine cones, leaves and tees are the ball and hit those while bouncing the club  

What tees should you be playing from?

Using a Golf Buddy Voice 2 or X,  you  can  figure out your average driving distance.  If you multiply your average driving distance by 28, that should give you the yardage distance you should play from to have a fun round of golf.

Use a rain glove for sweaty hands

 If you ever play golf in the humidity, you know that your nice new leather glove may not last very long.  

Rain Girl discovered that wearing a rain glove instead of a leather golf glove could be the answer to keeping a nice grip on your club. 

Prov1X (2016) vs Prov1X (2017), which goes farther?

 The newest version of the Titleist Pro V1x came out in January of 2017 and this test was conducted by a 10 year old girl who regularly competes in U.S. Kids Golf and NFJG tournaments.  She has a very consistent swing, but needs more distance off the tee.  Not everyone hits every shot the same, so we were looking to see if she gained a more consistent yardage whether she hit a perfect shot or a slightly mishit shot.