Rain Girl Favorite Golf Brands

Play your best golf in the best golf gear!

Abendroth Golf Founder Emily Farrell

ABENDROTH GOLF Perfect Pants for Golf!

I love her Peggy Pant!  Very light weight, stretchy and the pockets really smooth out your back side.   It is really the perfect pant for golf and every day wear.  --Kathy Nyman, Founder Rain Girl Golf 

"I have dreamed of providing women with golf attire that functions for the course but can travel off course comfortably without feeling the need to change or stand out. I want the everyday woman to feel comfortable going to work, the course, and picking up their child (literally off the ground or in the pickup line at school)."
—Emily Farrell, PGA, Abendroth Golf Founder and CEO

If you play golf in the summer, you know that protecting your skin from the sun is important.  I only wear sun shirts and for the extreme humidity in Florida, this one stands out as the best for me.  They come in great colors and I never feel hot wearing this shirt.


FootJoy MyJoy Golf Shoes

My favorite Style of golf shoe is the dryJoy.

I love that you can custom design your golf shoes and I especially like the BOA system vs. standard shoelaces.  They only make the DryJoy's now in MyJoy, but they are the best waterproof shoe, in my opinion. This has a traditional look and they will last you for years!  Totally worth the extra money to have your own style.  I prefer the white shoe, but I have gotten a pink and black saddle shoe that I loved!