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Rain Girl Rain Skirt

Rain Girl Rain Hat

About Us

Kathy Nyman, Founder of Rain Girl


 Kathy Nyman, President of Rain Girl, Inc., is a Class A LPGA Teaching and Club Professional and lives in Jacksonville, FL.  She started Rain Girl, Inc. because she was playing in a golf tournament in Florida and it started to rain after 9 holes.  It was just a light rain and too hot to put on rain pants, so after the tournament, she came home looking to buy a rain skirt.   

Rain Girl comes in Youth Sizes


Rain Girl is now available for young girls who play sports in all kinds of weather.  A favorite for girls who play in U.S. Kids Golf events all over the world.   Having light weight rain gear will give her one less thing to worry if it starts to rain.  The short sleeve option makes finding the right size a breeze.  Each skirt is also adjustable to last a few seasons.

Rain Girl Tee Gift


Looking for a great Tee Gift for your next ladies golf outing?  The rain skirt and hat combo is a very popular choice and something every lady golfer can use!  Invite Rain Girl to come to your event where ladies can add to their collection a matching jacket or an Insulated Golf Purse, a Rain Girl exclusive! 


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