Who to Watch: 2022 U.S. Senior Women’s Open

As a 50 something competitive golfer, this is an exciting week!! Last month I tried to qualify to play in the US Senior Women’s Open, only to come up 4 strokes short.  This is the 4th year they have had it and it has given all of us a reason to stay sharp to try and qualify every year!  There are a lot of familiar names who played on the LPGA, but there are also some really outstanding amateurs and teaching pros who qualified this year.  I personally know 20 of them and will be glued to the leaderboard cheering them on.  Here are a few of my favorites to look for!

Pat Shriver

She is a PGA Member and the owner of Cove Cay Golf Club in Clearwater. This is her second time qualifying.

Barb Bunkowsky

She is a fellow Lady Seminole, she played on the LPGA Tour and is my good friend.  

Jackie Gallagher-Smith and Leta Lindley

Jackie won the Florida Open this year, she played for LSU the same years I played at FSU and I think is at least her third Senior Open. I met Leta this year for the first time, she played on the LPGA Tour, is currently on the Legends of LPGA Tour and came in third at this year’s Florida Open.

Cheryl Fox

I played in the qualifier with her in 2019 where she was medalist with a 74.  She has played in almost every State Open as a professional and this is I think her 3rd Open.  We took this photo at Pine Needles in 2019 where she came in the top 20!

Mary Jane (MJ) Heistand and Laura Carson

I played the final round with these two ladies in the Florida Open this year and made 2 new friends!  They both have a long track record of Amateur golf success and this will be a second appearance for both of them!

Me and Tammie Green the year she won the Florida Open!

My other friends in the field include: Jane Geddes, Tammie Green, Kelley Brooke, Michelle McGann, Lisa DePaulo, Cheryl Anderson, Jean Bartholomew, Karen Bennett, Gigi Higgins, Nicole Jeray, Tina Tombs, Susie Keane and Joy Bonhurst. 

Golf is not just for young people and knowing that many of these ladies are in their 60’s still playing outstanding golf gives me hope that with some hard work and practice I can get there to play with them next year.  Good Luck!!!

Follow along at www.usga.org!

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