Couples Golf Trip ~ Kiawa Edition

Kiawa Golf Resort is located on a little island off the coast of South Carolina.  We love getting away for a few days and it has the perfect combination of golf and villas for a couples trip!

The Villas

Every November we watch for the Golf Packages listed on their website and every year it never disappoints.  The One Bedroom Villas in Mariner’s Watch are quite comfortable with a nice living room and small kitchen.  We usually get rooms near each other for small gatherings in the evenings.  Since we live only 4 hours away, it is nice to just load up the car with a cooler or there is a Harris Teeter near by to pick up a few things for the kitchen.


There is a small town, Sea Brook Island, a few miles away from the resort that has a few restaurants among the many little shops.  We always make plans to go La Tela Pizzaria at least one night and last time we also visited McCann’s Irish Pub, both are very good.  On the Island, we like to  go to Cherrywood BBQ and Ale House, which is at Osprey Point Clubhouse .  This is a great option to call for a shuttle that will take the whole group together and you can have a nice lager with dinner.

The Ocean Course

We always play the Ocean Course, pictured above, and it is worth the upgrade fee to do so!  We usually have two caddies per group who will carry two of our bags at a time, so it’s a good idea to take out some of those extra golf balls or else they may make you transfer your clubs to one of their carry bags.  This is a Pete Dye designed course and all of his courses are designed to trick you, in my opinion, of course.  Having a caddie is imperative because they know some of these tricks.  Something that looks safe has a hidden bunker.  A shot that looks like a lot of trouble is usually the best route.  I love the challenge of this course because it forces me to swing within myself instead of worrying about where the ball may go.

One of the most difficult shots that you may want to brush up on before you go is a pitch shot to an elevated green.  I don’t encounter this shot too often in Florida, so it’s hard to practice, but get out your sand wedge and work on a little 8 o’clock to 4 o’clock swing to pitch the ball 20 – 40 yards in the air.  A bump and run may roll back to your feet or go over the green on the other side down the hill.

The Weather at Kiawa

We are always taking a chance on the weather in November, but the last 3 years that we have gone in November, it was in the mid 50’s to upper 60’s.  The last time I went I bought a logo’d neck band warmer that kept me pretty comfortable.  Be ready for a nippy wind, so wearing a warm layer underneath paired with a wind jacket or light rain jacket is perfect.  You will walk the Ocean Course, but can ride the other courses, so you can pack more gear with you on the cart.  It would not be uncommon for it to be cart path only on the other courses due to over seeding, which will also keep you slightly warmer ?  If you like to play golf, this is a must on your bucket list as far as trips to great courses.

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