Rain Girl In Ireland

How does a Lady Pack for Golf in Ireland?

I tried to research how a lady would pack for golf in Ireland and found absolutely nothing that was helpful (except to remember some earplugs).  I had never been to Ireland before and have only heard that it just rains all the time. Being the owner of Rain Girl, I thought this would be the ultimate test to see if I could endure the elements in my Rain Girl gear.  The weather was unusually warm and dry for Ireland in late May, so I was not tested with extreme weather, however, I feel like I would have been ready.  Here are the items that I brought with me for golf in Ireland that I found extremely useful from top to bottom.

Golf Buddy Voice 2

This little gadget on my visor proved to be extremely helpful when I found myself with blind shots to the green, which was practically every other hole in Ireland.  No matter where my ball ended up, I could quickly find out my yardage to the center of the green. I was able to locate every course we played with my Golf Buddy Voice 2.

Ahead Headband

I use my headband as a neck warmer more than to cover my ears.  With the chilly wind, I was glad I brought this to keep my neck and nose warm.

Rain Girl 1/2 Sleeve Jacket

This lightweight jacket is perfect for the wind and handy if it starts to sprinkle.  Most days in Ireland are cloudy, so when it is windy, there is a little chill in the air.

Rain Gloves

A rain glove will dry very quickly and the right kind provides a perfect fit, so why bother bringing a leather glove?  If it starts to rain, you’re covered!

Rain Girl Rain Skirt

It did not rain while we were playing golf, but I wore this skirt every day over leggings.  It provided great protection from the wind and I had a place for my scorecard and yardage book in my back pocket.

Ontal Leggings

I did not want to wear long pants in Ireland and took my chances with these leggings.  I had so much more room in my suitcase not having to bring 5 pairs of long pants!  This was my first real test for these leggings and they get an A+ in my book.  I was comfortable the entire time!  They provided great wind protection, they kept me warm and they were never too hot!  If the sun came out and got a little warm, I just rolled up the leggings and cooled off instantly!  I highly recommend these and they can be custom fit to your length.  Visit Ontal Here

CEP Compression Socks

With all of the walking we did in Ireland, I never had to adjust my socks even one time.  They are very comfotable and very durable.  Your feet and legs get very tired with all the walking, so I would definitlely bring these along.  I also wore my compression knee socks for the long plane ride over.

Footjoy Waterproof Shoes

It did not rain while we were there, but they really make the best shoes.  I probably want to invest in some BOA shoes next time so I don’t have to keep tying my shoes when they come loose from walking up and down the hills.

Other helpful items

  • Bring plenty of chapstick
  • Ear plugs and eye pillow for the talking passengers on the plane
  • Rain pants and long sleeve rain jacket (when you KNOW it will rain heavy)
  • Adapter plug just in case (all of the hotels had at least one American outlet in the room, but you never know)
  • Hang 10 sunshirts from Costco came in super handy as an undershirt as well as providing protection from the sun
  • Your check card to get Euros out of the ATM (call your bank to let them know you will be abroad)
  • If you haven’t done so yet, get your Global Entry card as soon as you can, the customs line will be super short!
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